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Vinyl+CD - Mörkret Kallar (Special offer)


Image of Vinyl+CD - Mörkret Kallar (Special offer)

New re-release on gatefold vinyl, hand numbered and limited to 100 copies.

Special offer! Order The LP and get the CD for free. Offer valid!

Gast, Swedish black metal released January 25, 2019 through Black Market Metal Label.

"From the opening blast of "Mörkret Kallar", Sweden's GAST and their debut, "Mörkret Kallar" immerse the listener in pure darkness. These dark, evil, brooding songs will claw their way into your psyche and light the fires of hell in your cold mind" - Black Market Metal Label

Side A
1. Distans
2. Avgrund
3. Under Satans Vingar
4. Transcendens

Side B
5. Där Livet Kvävs
6. Morgonstjärna
7. Sorgens Skugga

Also available on CD for half the price under options or if you prefer listening online: Spotify, Itunes, Pandora etc..